What we offer!

NLP Breakthrough Session:

Understand what issues are blocking your progress, personally or in business. Get rid of the blockages and remove all limiting beliefs, change all limiting decisions.

Become the best possible version of you.

Session takes either 1 long day or 2 shorter days.

Time Line Therapy Session

Remove negative emotions such as Anger, Guilt, Sadness, Pain and Fear. Can be combined with a 1 day breakthrough.

Takes about 3 hours

Change your life:

Remove Anxiety, Phobias and Past trauma.

Get rid of unwanted cravings for bread or other foods or habits.

Resolve any problems that are holding you back.

2 hours  session with follow up

Goal setting:

Develop compelling goals and check they are in line with your values. Add the goals to your future timeline.

Make sure your unconscious mind is 100% committed to achieving your goals.

2 to 3 sessions each of 1 hour

Coaching and Mentoring:

Work out how to improve your career, or improve your business.  Remove blockages to your personal development. Find answers to questions you didn’t know how to ask.

Minimum of 4 sessions of 1 to 1 ½ hours.

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