Iscennen Life Science


Iscennen Life Science was set up to provide Engineering and Science Consultancy Services to projects on Cell Culture Systems and other Life Science projects.

We can provide specialist knowledge and skills on the design of cell culture experiments based on the Quasi Vivo® cell culture system.

We have conducted extensive tests on Parker PF600 pump at different flowrates and with different setups. This experience can be used to troubleshoot difficult experiments.

The knowledge and skills gained from this and other projects can be transferred to other Life Science projects. Ask us about sterilisation systems, different types of medical grade tubing and specialist materials. There are many different types of tubing available, each has their own properties that can be good or bad for life science applications.

What we offer:

  • Specialist knowledge on the application of the Quasi Vivo technology. This includes the QV500, the QV600 the QV900 systems, the Parker pumps and
  • Advice on different materials used for Life Science tubing.
  • Information on sterilisation and its effects on materials.
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