What is Coaching?

This is a non-therapeutic intervention to improve the performance of the client in his normal role.  The Coach focusses on working with the client to achieve agreed objectives, helping individuals and businesses achieve their goals at the highest levels. Coaching can be described in different ways:

  • Personal
  • Business
  • Executive and Leadership
  • Team
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What is Mentoring?

Mentoring on the other hand is a longer term arrangement which focusses on personal and career development. Mentoring focusses on a persons Values and Mission to work towards their future career and life. Mentoring can be especially useful for Owner /Managers or Executives at the top of a small organisation who need somebody to bounce ideas off or to unload on.

The Different Types of Coaching

Personal Coaching -

Personal Coaching -

This will benefit any individual who is wanting, willing and committed to making changes in their life. Anyone who wants to make the right choices and take the right action in order to move forward in either their personal or work life.
Executive Coaching and Leadership Coaching

Executive Coaching and Leadership Coaching

This is personal learning and development of a senior manager or director by someone external to the organisation who focusses on the individual’s performance at executive level. It is different from mentoring received from somebody within the same organisation, because the role of the external coach is to provide a confidential objective assessment of the Executive. The coach does not need to fully understand the organisation, though understanding the reporting structure can help the client to list and evaluate all options.
Team Coaching

Team Coaching

This would benefit whole working teams, whether virtual or traditional. High performance work teams can drive improvements through organisations.
Business Coaching

Business Coaching

This would benefit anybody currently working in an organisation who wants to progress within that organisation by improving their capability to manage. We can help them identify areas that could be holding them back and make sure their personal life is balanced with their work life.

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